This is just a running list of videos from YouTube that I like, caught my eye, or have inspired me at some point.  New additions will be added at the bottom.

Possible the most under-appreciated, greatest movies ever made.  “Who will watch the watchmen…”

Still true.

Visually stunning and highly motivating.

One of my all time favorite videos and bands.

I don’t think anyone can, especially yours George.

One of best documentaries ever made.

Watch all four.  Laugh out loud funny and grows on ya.

Creepy, and sadly, somewhat still relevant.

This cannot get here quick enough.

Opposed to the hockey flub, this is how we as people should support others in need.

If you are not familiar with Dax Riggs, then you’re missing out.  SICK.

Still favor SOAD, but great video.

First music video I saw where I said, “I want to do stuff like that.”

One of favorite songs by one of favorite bands and done by one of my favorite people.

BJL is a beast.  All his records are solid.

Great song/message.  Todd Snider is unbelievable.

Yes this happen, and I remember it live.

I remember this too, thought was real.  Cried.  Truly thought UW was dead.

A must see.  Great doc.

“Shakespeare Was A Big George Jones Fan” is so personal.  Love it.

This is in my Top 5 horror films and my Top 5 trailers.

Refreshing and hilarious.  Great film.

Love this film about the behind the scenes of one of my favorite shows and best out there.

Not saying I buy into Zeitgeist totally, but if your belief system is not stable, don’t watch it.  There’s no going back once you do.  Seriously.

The movie better live up to the intensity of the trailer.

“All you suckas gatha round…I am smilin’.”

Still true.  Tod Browning, great Kentuckian.

If you haven’t seen this music video, be warned.

One best live punk bands of all time.  Video little disturbing but great.

This video still gets to me.  Saw it on TV the other day.

Like above, this one pulls the heart strings a little too.

I could listen to Faron 24/7.

I wish this guy could have hung around a little longer.

More director’s are doing commercials.  No shame in it.

This is honestly the film that made me want to become a filmmaker.  Incredible.

This whole record was killer.  Use to love this band.

How can we forget this?

This VHS was mind blowing to me.  Watch it all if can.  Manson in his prime.

Again, the prime of Manson.  Mind blowing when he closed the show.  He really was public enemy #1.

Even when your friends have good intentions, bad ideas are still bad ideas.

This is part of DVD “Three Extremes.”  One of the best shorts will ever see.  HUGE twists.

One of the most genius commercials of all time.

I learned a lot about dedication and persistence from this movie.  Holds special place to me.

If you missed out on the Stuart craze, start here and catch up.

Start here.

End here.

These keep getting better.  Start with the original and watch them all.


More great foreign horror.

The original, original duo.  Never was anything like them nor ever will be.

Like Requiem, brutal but one of the most real pieces of film ever orchestrated..and star-studded youth.

This whole commercial series is great.  Well executed.  Love ’em.

Don’t play much video games, but this could not be missed.  Amazing.

I love these guys.  They keep getting better.

Great video, have to be able to laugh at self.  Korn will always hold a special place to me.

If you think this is fearless filmmaking, watch the sequel…I dare you.

Tech N9ne is great.  Does it how he wants to, stuck to it, and succeeded.

Still bug Shooter about this but it’s awesome.  And Rex Chapman is in it.

And for those of you that don’t know about Rex, here’s a little education.

The Haints are one of the best out there.  Go see ’em live.

One of the greatest series ever made.

I’m in this movie, it’s still not out.

I’m in this movie for exactly 1 second…seriously.

Besides his school, he’s got multiple appearances on Maurie.

One of my favorite songs and my Grandma’s (and Pa Joe’s) favorite people…

and this is a great cover of it.

Ms. Krauss kills it too.  She’s unbelievable.

One of the baddest videos ever.  Romanek is a legend.

He also directed this, which Reznor wrote…

and he directed this.

Just a reminder for those who forgot.

Feeling him today.

I saw JA at The Ryman.  Voice is amazing.  “I Wish…” still a favorite.

Still love this guy too.

The beginning.

Rare uniform sync of one of my favorite songs.  The SNL performance was awesome too.

I know where I was, who I was with, and every moment of this game…20 years removed still.

Great film about a great artist.  Saw it at NaFF.  He did all of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse characters.

Before it ends, someone dies at the horn of a unicorn.  Seriously.  Love it.

Yes I own the original.  Yes I own the remake.  And yes I will go see this in 3DD.

Who cares if you don’t know what they’re saying.  Their music, their videos, and their live shows are flawless.  They are hands down the best in the world at what they do.

Yes!  This is great parenting.

Ballsy for it’s time and great.  Lot of great cameos.

These guys are genius.  JibJab.com if you don’t know more of their work.

Ben Affleck’s best work.  Great movie.

Great cover and great video.  Why isn’t this on CMT?


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